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    LANAÏKA offers more than 50 brands, all of which were approved by dermatologists, make-up artists, and recommended by influencers. Among them, we find in the head Revitalash famous for its products, conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows or Sacha Juan and its full range for hair (the crown of Sweden would have already adopted it !). Of the brands made in France , such as Talika or The Sultana of Saba (known for its scrubs and masks that make travel sense), but also other more natural that opt for organic, vegan, or cruelty free. Include Schmidt's for her deodorant 100% natural, soap, magic plant Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1, or even the English brand worship Ren Skincare for which we have selected the range "Clean" to the performance's scientifically proven without any synthetic ingredient aggressive to the skin. On the other side of the world, Canada gives us his secrets of beauty in the face of the cold with Artifact and its masks, face and lips. About Wunder 2 - we have finally found the mascara for eyebrows that are rich in fibre : results guaranteed !


    LANAÏKA is a concept store unique, offering a careful selection of the best creators of beauty and cosmetics around the world. Our idea : to Find cutting edge brands and original make-up, body care, face care and hair care. Our approach addresses all the beauty-addicts've had enough of always seeing the same products take the onslaught of their bathroom. The team intends to rediscover the world of beauty at all, because in LANAÏKA, it advocates the beauty of the non-conventional ! Find out in our concept store of natural brands, vegans or bios ! These marks tell a story and reveal themselves through their products the ambition to discover a new way of taking care of yourself. Always eager to satisfy you, the team LANAÏKA work every day so that you can find THE product that suits you. Browse through our website to discover the various universes but also our tips and our guides !


    Each designer is chosen for the quality of its products in cosmetology, their benefits, their results are obvious, but also for their originality. The brands are selected and tested by our teams for you to discover the nuggets ! It is as well as LANAÏKA has been able to impose its difference. We wish to offer you a wide selection of products that are formulated in the respect of your skin and the environment. In LANAÏKA, we think that the beauty lies first and foremost in the health of his skin. Because we know how difficult it can be to navigate through all these gestures, makeup, hair or skincare face and body, our team accompanies you and guides you in every step of your quest for beauty. Lanaïka created links with each of its Beautystas ensuring a beauty routine tailored tailored to every need, every desire, in a climate of extreme well-being. Our team of professional beauty is at your disposal to answer all your questions and facilitate your choice with the help of personalized advice. Our philosophy is to guide and help women find their best beauty routine while guiding them in their choice.


    Do you have a question or need an advice ? Please do not hesitate to contact us ! Our team beauty in Lanaïka is at your disposal to advise you and give you our best beauty advice ! If you do not know how to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type, or even how to have long hair, our beauty adviser is available at +33 1 41 06 98 00 to help you. Your support does not stop there, you can also find all our tips from the experts on the website ! The blog deciphers the trends, you actually discover what's new and our favorites ! The guide helps you in your every step in the world of beauty : how to choose a scrub according to your skin type ? What hairstyle for this summer ? Or even how to choose a perfume ? You can also benefit from these tips custom by coming to meet us at 34, rue Rivay in Levallois (92300) , and test all our products in Lanaïka ! Our team takes the time to listen to you, analyze your skin and suggest the best product for the sublime !