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Hair Gum Gum - 3 month course - MR. JEANNOT

This pack contains a 3 month course of Hair Gum Gum by MR. JEANNOT.

By purchasing 3 bottles of Hair Gum Gum, you get 15% discount !

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Hair Gum Gum of MR. JEANNOT, it is the small push that makes the difference and allows you to have the hair you've always dreamed of. This dietary supplement is in the form of gum is a concentrate of vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of hair and contributes to the formation of the keratin that composes it.

Active principles :
- The vitamin B6, known to encourage the regrowth of hair.
- The biotin, or vitamin B8, which strengthens the capillary fibre.

Who is it for ? Those who want to hair longer, stronger, more beautiful.

User advice : Eat 2 gummies per day for a minimum of 3 months.

The + product : A delicious taste reminiscent of the candy of our childhood.

Capacity : 60 gummies.

You see the hair of the surfer girls ? This looks like a dream out of reach because your hair, to you, are rather dull, fragile, and as determined to do more push ? Hair Gum Gum of MR. JEANNOT, that is your new beauty routine. Two gummies per day for hair more beautiful, longer, stronger !

In MR. JEANNOT, one is convinced that beauty comes primarily from within. But it is sometimes complicated to adopt a varied and balanced diet. This is why we have created a line of dietary supplements that meets the daily needs of each. It has never been so easy to be in good health and it shows ! Hair Gum Gum of MR. JEANNOT is a dietary supplement composed of vitamins and minerals. A kind of magic formula with all the ingredients necessary for the maintenance of the hair, from a recipe of natural, vegan, and gluten free gelatin prepared with care.

Fiche technique

ScentRed Fruits
FeaturesActivator, Brilliance, Toning, Volumizing
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man
CompositionVitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Coconut oil fractionated