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After-Shampoo Restorative Moisturizer - Moisture Repair Conditioner - Moroccanoil


The Moisture Repair Conditioner by Moroccanoil is an after-shampoo repairer and moisturizer. It contains a moisturizing formula that revitalizes and nourishes dehydrated hair. The hydrating conditioner is made with argan oil and keratin. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It fights against breakage, reduces the forks. The argan oil repairs the hair from within. Your hair is more soft and hydrated. Keratin contains amino acids that repair the hair fiber. Your hair is in good health. They are fed, shinier and more malleable.

Who is it for ? For the hair weakened and damaged.

The councils of use : Apply the Hydrating Conditioner after the shampoo. Spread the product on the scalp and to ends. Let sit for a few minutes and then rinse well. For best results, use with other products in the range Hydration.

The + product : Your hair will not disgorged not. It is without parabens and sulfates.

Capacity : 250ml

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Moroccanoil is a well-known brand in the field of care. This brand offers treatments for all types of hair. These care have been awarded at many occasions. Care Moroccanoil help revitalize, nourish and soften your hair. They are more shiny and easy to style. Moroccanoil also offers tocare for the body.

All products of Moroccanoil are infused with theargan oil. This oil is known for its purifying properties and ability to repair. She gets inside of the scalp and the epidermis. The argan oil acts in depth. It regenerates the hair fiber and epidermal tissues. You have denser hair and a softer skin. Crack so for these products are ultra-nourishing. The results are instant.
FeaturesFeeding, Repairer, Moisturizer
CompositionArgan oil
By developing a range of products based on argan to take care of the skin and dry hair, the trademark Moroccanoil was able to get a place in the world of cosmetics. If the best-seller of the brand is the original treatment Morroccanoil , there are a multitude of references which allow you to take care of your skin and hair according to their...
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