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Miraculous balm - Miracle Salve - Burt's Bees


The miraculous Balm of Burt's Bees

For who ? Those who are looking for a product to do everything and take anywhere to hydrate the body.

The councils of use : Apply and massage it on the dry areas or mask the damaged areas and the cehveux in the evening before going to sleep.

The + product : a Balm to the composition of natural and environmentally friendly that can be used for both hands, the hair, the face, the body and mask on the rough areas like the elbows.

Capacity : 56g

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This balm comes in a formula emollient super-rich to hydrate and nourish hair, hands and body.

This balm contains natural oils including pumpkin seed oil, rich in fatty acids, as well as the olive oil and extract of wheat germ to moisturize and nourish dry hair and skin.

In addition, the bee pollen, rich in proteins, nourishes and gives a youthful look to the skin, while the beeswax keeps the hydration essential protective.

FeaturesIn our nourishing,, Moisturizer, Softening, Feeding
Scents Théophile BerthonHoney
LabelNatural Origin
TexturesBalms, Butters and Waxes
GenreWoman, Man
CompositionShea butter
Skin TypesDry Skin, Irritated skin, Dehydrated skin, Sensitive skin
RoutineMoisturize, Treat
The power of honey In 1985, the brand Burt's Bees was started by Burt Shavitz , a producer of honey, and seller of candle that, aware of the benefits of this product, created its brand of lip balms and care 100 % natural, developed in a base of beeswax, honey and ingredients such as plants , grass, or even essential oils. The brand,...
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