BB cream & CC cream

BB cream & CC cream

The BB Cream and CC Cream have invaded our kits of makeup in recent years. Products are revolutionary, what is the difference between the two ?

BB Cream, Blemish Balm, comes straight from Korea. Originally used to camouflage the effects of minor interventions in dermatology, it is used now to hide the buttons, acne scars or other imperfections. Its texture is dense and very opaque in order to provide a " zero defect skin. Enriched in active ingredients with moisturising, antioxidant, and soothing, and comprising a sun protection SPF 15, the BB Cream is halfway between the care and the makeup.

The CC Cream means Color Control. Its texture is more fluid and lighter than the BB Cream. Its coverage is also more natural. Its colour is adapted according to the type of complexion : purple for the dyed in dull, yellow to combat the dark circles and green for redness unsightly. The CC Cream allows therefore to eliminate the defects of color of skin, but also blurring the lines with pigmented reflectors of lights that illuminate the complexion. With its SPF 30, CC Cream is the ally of all skin types.

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