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Blush Paper - Sunset Blvd. - Mai Couture


The blushs paper May Seam allow you to customize the color of your cheeks with the simple pressure of your fingers. Infused blush, the leaf will give a natural color to your cheeks for a vibrant and full of energy !

Carry your papers around with you to freshen the face and give a glow to your complexion in all circumstances ! Its texture, hypoallergenic, suitable even for skin that is prone to skin reactions. In addition, the sheet absorbs the excess of sebum on the cheeks and mattifies your skin !

The fisheries of the hue Sunset Blvd. add a touch of glamour, full of freshness to your makeup.

For who ? All skin types, even the most sensitive

Tips for use : Tear the sheet in 2 for each of the plays and to facilitate the application. First of all, gently tap to remove excess sebum, then rub it gently to get the color. The intensity of the color will depend on the strength of the friction.

Capacity : 50 sheets

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15,00 €

Essential in the handbag of any woman, it is now possible to carry your blush aroundwith only one applicator... your fingers! Refresh your make-up tarnished and fade at any time of the day.

Paraben-free, talc-free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals powder is gentle to your skin and let it breathe.

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The make-up practical and innovative Designed by a professional makeup artist, Mai Tran , Mai Couture Paper is the solution of make-up portable, no-mess for the modern woman. It is the first make-up , break-resistant, lightweight, and also practical : these papers, cosmetics, single use technology exceptionally formulated to remove...
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