Box 100% chocolate - Shampoo + Cocoa Butter - Lamazuna Expand


Box 100% chocolate - Shampoo + Cocoa Butter - Lamazuna


This set is 100% chocolate contains :

- A Shampoo solid Lamazuna chocolate

- A cocoa butter Lamazuna, multi-function product for the face and body. It can also serve as a butter massage.

The + product : 100% organic and vegan, 100% cacao : the pure pleasure !

Usage tips :

For the shampoo : Rub the grooved wet hair until it transforms into foam. Use as your shampoo classic.

For the cocoa butter : Put a few seconds on the skin to that he founded and massage gently on face or body.

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The shampoo is 100% solid natural Lamazuna takes care of your hair and your scalp. They will be nourished, soft, and delicately scented with a sweet smell of chocolate that will delight every gourmand(e)s !

The surface active ingredients of coconut oil and palm oil will make your hair shiny and healthy. They will be deeply nourishes with glycerin and cocoa butter.

Sulfate-free and without essential oils your scalp will not be attacked.

The powder of organic cocoa is fair trade in the Dominican Republic.

The cocoa butter is exclusive to the box set. Your skin will be smooth and healthy, thanks to its formula of nourishing coconut oil, cocoa butter and oil of baobab. Multipurpose, it can serve as a moisturizer for the face or for the body.

FeaturesCleaner, Feeding
LabelNatural Origin, Bio
TexturesBalms, Butters and Waxes, Soap
GenreWoman, Man
Lamazuna, which means "Pretty Young Girl" in Georgian, is the promise of a beauty routine environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment. With products 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, Lamazuna made the pledge to reduce waste associated with our consumption of beauty products. A beautiful reason to be beautiful...
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