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La Sultane de Saba

Box perfume - Champaka tropical flowers - the Sultane de Saba


This boxed set The Sultane de Saba inspired by the methods of massage Champaka directly come to Malaysia:

  • 1 water of perfume Champaka and tropical flowers
  • 1 Cream tropical flowers and hand Chamapaka

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Box perfume - Champaka tropical flowers - the Sultana Saba

Ranges The Sultane de SabaChampaka, Tropical Flowers Travel on the road of Malaysia
FeaturesPerfume Body
LabelMade in France
La Sultane de Saba
With as devoted to the beauty of the woman, the Sultane de Saba journey of the meaning of East Asia through the islands. Its products good for the skin are available in over 16 scents. Butters of shea butter trees, Candles, Lotions...all are made from precious ingredients and rare come from the four corners of the world. Our favourite :...
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