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Brush E25 Eyeshadow Blending from Sigma Beauty is ideal for blur and soften the strong shades of your eyeshadow. Her firm, round, wide head and soft hairs also allow you to mix different shades on your eyelids without damaging your skin.

Operating tips: Ideal for the blending, it allows you to soften the strong shades on the eyelids or get beautiful color gradients.

The + product: Hair soft and studied to mix shades. It can also be used to apply the highlighter on your brow.

E25 - BLENDING from Sigma Beauty on Vimeo.

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The E25 Eyeshadow Blending is a broad brush that has a slightly firm and rounded head.

This brush is ideal for "blending" that is to say mix the different shades that can be applied on the eyelids in order to obtain a better gradient. It is made with bristles designed for mixing your blushes and mask the traces and shades of Makeup. It allows to obtain a more homogeneous effect.

Its soft bristles allow a perfect and careful application without even damaging the skin.

This brush is one of the bestsellers of the Sigma Beauty mark.
Sigma Beauty is a recognized brand for its Make-up range but also and especially for the quality of its make-up brushes often patented. 

The "Brushes" from Sigma Beauty is resistant and elegant, it is the result of knowledge make high range.


Sigmax® fibers - Synthetic fibres are exclusively thermoplastic polymer. It is a technique developed by Sigma Beauty to evenly apply the creams or products powder on the skin for an effect high definition.
High fibres of range are designed for exceptional softness and a result. They are resistant to heat. They also have a chemical resistance (against the applied products), mechanical resistance and a long period of use. 
Sigmax® fibres are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
Fibre SigmaTech® -This is an exclusive selection of Sigma Beauty. The mark has implemented patents on these synthetic fibres very high performance. They are designed to be even better than the real animal hair! SigmaTech® has also advanced technologies and specialized researchers who have developed these exceptional fibers. They are made to reflect and apply the best creams and powders without no absorption into the hair.
Built to last, SigmaTech® fibres are antibacterial, hypoallergenic and retain their original shape and colour even after several washes.

The ring -The patented 3 rings on the ferrule to obtain quality products and resistant for a long period of use. 

The handle -The handle of the brush is made from a wood from sustainable development, receiving 8 layers of paint, which makes them resistant to scratches and guaranteed to last.

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