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Kit for hands - Intergalactic Hand Kit - Thank you Handy


The kit Intergalactic Hand Kit is a box that contains a cleanser and a moisturizer for the hands. Thank you Handy offers you a collection inspired by the space. The cleanser contains vitamin E and blue particles, which are emollient. The moisturizer contains olive oil and soybean oil. These agents protect and soften your skin. This kit is convenient, you can clean and moisturize your hands, no matter the place.

Who is it for ? Hands sensitive and dry.

Council of use : Pour a small amount in the palm of your hands, then rub it into pending for 30 seconds. Your hands are clean and fragrant. Use the moisturizing cream after washing your hands. Renew the operation if you feel a sensation of tugging during the day.

The + product : They are handy and easily slip into your bag. They do not dry out your hands and leaves a touch of fragrance.

Contents : 2 x 30ml

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8,00 €

The'Intergalactic Hand Kit is a must. The scent "To the Moon" is a limited edition. It is a fruity aroma with berry extracts. Thank you Handy offers gels, hand cleansers and treatments for hair, body and face. All products have packaging fun and colorful and a fruity scent. The brand offers products with a composition in a correct and transparent manner. They are cruelty free, no testing is done on animals. Thank you Handy offers products that are gentle on your skin. A hint of humor and lots of love make their products must-have to have in your bag in the daily life. Crack so for this package which is inspired by the space. You have all of the essential to take care of your hands. They will be moisturized and clean wherever you are !
FeaturesCleaner, Feeding, Moisturizer
LabelCruelty Free
TexturesGel, Cream
CompositionVitamin E, Aloe vera
RoutineMoisturize, Clean
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Thank you Handy offers gels, disinfectants and cleaners for the hands, the cute ones that exist. A hint of humor and lots of love make their products must-have-to-have in his bag daily. Our favorite : The freezing hands - "Black Vanilla" it adds flavour as much as it disinfects Practical and fun "In 2014, we have transformed the...
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