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Hand Cream - Honey Cherry - Thank You Handy


Thanks to its pearls emollient, the Cream Hand Thanks Handy Sweetheart Cherry you moisturizes and softens the skin gently.
Its perfume to the cherry will bring you your dose of happiness everyday.

Advice of use : Take a knob of cream and massage your hands with each other during a few seconds.

The + product : Its fruity aroma which reminds us of our childhood !

Capacity : 30 ml

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4,90 €

Manufactured in France, the Creams Hands Thank you Handy hydrate and soften your skin while leaving a scent regressive for long hours !
LabelMade in France
Scents Thank You HandySweetheart Cherry
Merci Handy
Thank you Handy offers gels, disinfectants and cleaners for the hands, the cute ones that exist. A hint of humor and lots of love make their products must-have-to-have in his bag daily. Our favorite : The freezing hands - "Black Vanilla" it adds flavour as much as it disinfects Practical and fun "In 2014, we have transformed the...
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