Care Man

Care Man

The men also have the right to take care of them ! In LANAÏKA, we offer you a wide choice of health-care products, shave, and cosmetics for man. We take particular care in the selection of products that we distribute for you to propose the most suitable solution. Each man is unique and has specific needs based on his age, his lifestyle and his desires. We put all our expertise at your service to provide you with continually better products. Among our selection you will find everything to take care of you !


The secret to good skin health, it is the cleaning ! Each day, your skin is exposed to impurities in the surrounding and pollution. To clean without the assault or dry, use a suitable product. It will purify your skin while soothing and moisturizing it. It also offers you a range of products for the shower. The fresh scents that give a boost in the morning, relax after a long day and leave the skin soft and moisturized.


In parallel to your cleanser as usual, it is recommended to use once a week, a scrub to clean your skin in depth. Take up this good habit will allow you to avoid the appearance of pimples, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Your skin will also be smoother and more luminous. Remember to moisturize your skin after you have erased to avoid any feelings of irritation.


Although often neglected, the tonic lotion cleans, purifies your skin while tightening the pores. Apply it after cleaning your skin using a cotton, do not require rinsing, and facilitates the application of your moisturizer.


The skin of men is thicker than women's. It is necessary to use products designed to moisturize as it deserves to be. Choose the product corresponding to your needs : anti-wrinkles to combat the signs of aging, mattifying for oily skin, good-mine for the skins lack of radiance, nourishing for dry skin... For optimum efficiency, moisturize your skin twice a day.


For an in-depth, nothing beats a mask. If you want to cleanse your skin and tighten pores, opt for masks with clay. The mask-charcoal is ideal to fight imperfections so that the shea butter is renowned for its moisturizing virtues. To apply on the skin previously cleaned and dried.


Adopt the right gestures to take care of your skin and maintain your beard. To prepare your skin, you can apply a cream pre-shave which will aim to protect the sensitive skins from possible irritations that may result from the shave. When shaving, apply an oil, cream or a shaving foam to soften the hair and facilitate shaving. Finally, apply an after shave balm to moisturize and sooth your skin which can be sensitized by the passage of the razor.


Having a beautiful smile is often the key to confidence in care. To take care of your teeth daily, we offer a range of toothpaste is very varied. And if you want a whiter smile, we offer you different products of the trademark Smile Carbon for a result that is safe and natural.

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Care Man

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