Care of the body

Care of the body

A beautiful skin, good health requires care and attention every day. In fact, the skin of the body is frequently exposed to the sun, pollution, cold and friction of the clothes that are factors of dryness and irritation.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that each woman's body changes throughout her life.
The enemy number 1 of our epidermis is the cellulite. Nested most often in the buttocks and thighs, she resists the plan, and therefore applies to all body types ! It is a superficial layer of fat located under the skin and form cellulite and gives this aspect "orange peel", so little fun.

However, it is during pregnancy that our body's changing the most. The weight gain makes us vulnerable to stretch marks. Just like cellulite, stretch marks are marks that you can see on the skin and which affect a lot of women. They are caused by rapid weight gain and constitutes fibre lesions of the skin subjected to too much tension. Since they are irreversible, it should be well-prevented with proper hydration.

Finally, menopause is a stage at which you can not escape in a woman's life. Marking the end of menstruation, it is manifested by hot flashes, sleep disturbance. All of these factors tend to stress the body and should be properly addressed.

For all these events that our body goes through, it must take care of it, and this throughout his life, according to the periods.

You will find a wide range of body treatments for all skin types in LANAÏKA.

Scrubs, creams, oils, butters and soaps for your body : choose the appropriate care of your skin in our catalog.

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