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Refills carpet cleaner Artis Brush are specially designed to clean and purify the brushes in the greatest respect, and without damaging ! They are for use with the housing of the cleaning of Artis.


Tips for use : Put a cooldown in the housing and then gently wipe your brush on its surface.
You can also add the cleansing foam to brush Artis Brush for a deep cleaning.
Change the cleaning pad when required.


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The replacement cleaning brushes are ideal to purify and gently cleanse your brushes without damaging the fibers for a result like new !

Their surface is antimicrobial, consisting of approximately 1 million fibers per square inch, allowing you to keep your brushes clean and fresh.

Place a new refill in the casing as soon as you change it.

Created by Matthew Waitesmith, a former professional makeup artist and the top part of the famous firm of M. A. C Cosmetics, the brand ARTIS offers brushes, innovative design, amazing and elegant . Its name comes from latin and means " technical, skill, method and character ", and clearly announces the color ! In fact, these brushes are a...
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