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Face wash Gel - Rosa Centifolia™ - REN Skincare


Clean your skin gently with the Face wash Gel by REN - Rosa Centifolia infused with Rose that restores radiance to your skin while ridding it of dirt and make-up.

Who is it for ? All types of skin.

Council of use : Apply a small amount of gel cleanser on your hands slightly moistened and then massage your face and neck. Rinse with warm water preferably.

The + product : all natural Formula and smooth, creamy texture.

Capacity : 150 ml

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The Face wash Gel Rosa Centifolia brand REN soothes your skin while ridding it of the pollution and dirt accumulated throughout the day.

Its all natural formula tones your skin and restores the brightness so you want to be. It reduces the risk of incrustation of impurities because it dramatically decreases the size of pores, while moisturizing.

The Petals of Rose Centifolia protect your skin against external aggressions.

A Face wash Gel REN complete which will seduce you by its properties assainissantes.

FeaturesBrilliance, Moisturizer, Cleaner, Purifying, Toning
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man
Skin TypesNormal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dehydrated skin, Sensitive skin
Gamme Ren SkincareROSA CENTIFOLIA™
REN Clean Skincare
Two men in search of quality care Ren Clean Skincare has seen the light of day in England in 2000 following the meeting of Antony Buck and Robert Calcraft , two friends who met during their studies at the university. The wife of Antony, who suffered from allergies because of some cosmetics during her pregnancy, the two men developed the...
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