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Concealer - Anti-age-anti-fatigue - Talika


With this concealer and anti-age tinted, Talika has a product that conceals and heals at the same time. From the first use, your look is enhanced while being cared for.

Active principles : rose of Damascus, for its antioxidant power and its ability to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Its anti-aging action is global.

Who is it for ? Those who want to enhance their look while combating the signs of fatigue and aging.

Tips for use :use The concealer anti-age and anti-fatigue Talika is very easy to use with its button "click pen" that allows you to deliver the right dose of product.

The + product : We love her action 2-in-1 that facilitates your beauty routine.

Capacity : 2 ml

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24,90 €

With theconcealer , anti-age and anti-fatigue Talika, your look has never seemed so reposé and resplendent. It treats dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. It also smoothes effectively the wrinkles and fine lines for a look more youthful. From the first use, the dark circles are visibly smoothed, the skin of the eye contour is hydrated. Your look is more luminous and radiant. As early as 8 weeks of use, the eye contour is smoother and firmer. Very easy to use, simply apply the amount of desired product and then spread it with the pulp of the finger or with the applicator provided for this purpose. Then apply from the inside to the outside of the eye and then spread the product with the pulp of the finger. Let dry for 30 seconds and then reapply the concealer, anti-age and anti-fatigue Talika to refine the result.

FeaturesMoisturizer, Firming, Rejuvenating
GenreWoman, Man
CompositionEssential oil of Damascus roses of Morocco
Skin TypesOily Skin, Combination Skin, Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive skin
With 60 years of expertise, Talika has established itself as THE brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes. Repigment, stimulate the shoot , curl, lengthen your eyelashes... everything is possible thanks to their range of care whose effectiveness and tolerance are recognized in the world. Coup de coeur : The...
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