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The Corrector anti dark circles Time Balm is a imperative beauty to always have in his bag. 

Highly covering, this spell rich in vitamins A, C, E is both a concealer and an anti-fatigue, which protects your skin and fights against dark circles and imperfections. 

Its light and melting texture allows to obtain a perfect and uniform coverage, for a natural finish.

Tint: Light
Operating tips: Apply on dark circles and imperfections, then fade using a sponge or the Beauty Blender Micro Mini. Select always a shade lighter than your skin

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Extremely covering, the Corrector Concealer Light Medium hides dark circles and buttons. He is also a barrier against the assaults citadines such as pollution.

Enriched with vitame A, C and E, soybean oil, Panthenol, corrector erases the fatigue and stress from your face.

Your complexion is uniform and natural !

The Balm
The Balm is a make-up brand created in 2004 in San Francisco. The goal of the brand is to propose products packaging retro and convenient to slip it in his bag and bring it everywhere with you : perfect for city pressed. With impeccable quality and all the bloggers who are snapping up their products, The Balm will soon become a must for all...
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