What after shampoo according to my hair type

After shampooing, the hair may often miss shape : they are soft, tangle and your hair has too much volume or, on the contrary, not enough...

The after-shampoo is there to give them a boost. It is called the conditional in English as it is used to condition the hair so that they are beautiful. Easy ? Provided you choose the right ! But how to find the right after shampooing relative to its type of hair?

After the shampoo, what is it?

The conditioner has the same role as a moisturizer. Its objective is clear : protect your hair, strengthen them and thus make them more beautiful. Its use seems essential, and if one looks in more detail on the interest of the after-shampoo, it seems that the simple shampoo is not enough to have the hair smooth and silky.

For the curly hair, the conditioner will define your curls and make you a head of hair worthy of a movie star

In addition, unlike a simple shampoo, the conditioner moisturizes your scalp, leaving him also in better health.

Femme chevelure

How to choose well his after-shampoo?

If you have fine hair, and stiff, use an after-shampoo that gives volume.

If you have straight hair and soft which will not frisotent not, you need a conditioner that will give them volume. Otherwise, your hair could give the impression to hang limply and be all dishes. The after-shampoo volumizing is lighter than the other and does not weigh your hair when used regularly.

The voluminous conditioner of the brand Rahua give a volumizing effect.

If you have wavy hair, look for a conditioner lightweight moisturizer. In wet weather, the wavy hair can frisoter and in dry weather, they may become soft. Most of the hair is curly, their tips become dry, because it is more difficult for the natural oils produced by the scalp down to the bottom of a drill bit fastened that down in the bottom of a drill bit steep. For this hair type, the brand Sacha Juan offers an after shampoo special curly hair the " Curl Condition "

If you have the thick hair and curly, moisturize them with a conditioner that moisturizes in depth.

If you have hair thick and curly, it is likely that without the application of an after-shampoo deep moisturizing to replace the oils of the scalp that do not reach your spikes, you ended up with dry hair and dull, which tend to frisoter.

Your hair remain your first appearance, take care of it and follow our advice ! You won't regret.

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