A beautiful skin is reduced and hydrated in 10 tricks :

1. One gum effectively for the skin

Once a week, a scrub in depth to renew the epidermis. If your skin is sensitive, lean rather to a scrub with fine grains or a scrub enzyme, without any grain. If it is not, you can turn to salt scrubs enriched with oils, such as those of The Sultana of Saba, or to products such as the Rasul, or the Black Soap.

2. It moisturizes thoroughly

With a fat body, like a body butter for example if your skin is sensitive, and very dry, do not choose a body lotion, that will be too light. If you have the time, the ideal is to use the cream and the butter in addition. In the morning, moisturise with milk, and the evening before going to sleep, spread a thick layer of butter making well penetrate the product. To further improve the efficiency of your cream, you can add a few drops of body oils. Baby's skin is guaranteed !

3.We choose natural ingredients

And yes, try to check the maximum the composition of your cosmetic products. Exit the additives, we focus on organic products, or creams with the least amount of chemicals possible.

4. We wash with products which are little abrasive.

By choosing, for example, shower gels without soap, or with a neutral PH. Not necessarily ORGANIC, we know that it is a budget, but at least by moving towards products that are more clean, and less dangerous on a daily basis for the epidermis. Because soap is the product most used in everyday life, it is really quite the choose !

5.We shall provide a layer !

We hesitate to apply the cream 2 times per day, and to touch up on sensitive areas. With the seasons changing, skin sensitizes, and you need to constantly hydrate. You will notice a marked improvement in your skin texture, it is promised

6. You can drink the water

The skin protects us, but we must also protect our body from the inside out. Hydration is key, so drinking 2 litres of water a day, minimum. Wake up, drink a full glass of water with lemon, and in the evening, an infusion and a large glass of water, to keep your body at rest does not be in lack !

7. We limit the excess

Easier said than done, but it is necessary to limit its consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food !!! You can go ahead and do it !

8. We eat properly and we are doing a sport

The power in a key role. Don't expect to have a skin without buttons, smooth and without cellulite if you eat anything. Eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon and like a pauper in the evening. And exercise ;)

9. Use of suitable accessories

Like for example sponges Konjac, to erase his skin smooth, or gloves with horsehair ( be careful especially if you have sensitive skin)

10. We try to adopt the routine of regularly.

Between jobs time complicated, the overload of work, the time reserved for family or leisure, we sometimes overlook these small gestures. But if they are carried out as reflexes of daily life, you won't realize it, and hop, you the perfect skin !

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