How to have a skin clean and fresh ?



During the day the skin is in the face of many assaults such as pollution, climate change, dust and all the particles that make it unclean the epidermis. Therefore, it is important to clean it thoroughly before going to bed, to have a healthy skin and clean for the next day.


Here are 5 tips to remove makeup and clean your skin :


1 – Soak a cotton pad of a remover containing for the eyes to remove eye shadow, eye-liner, pencil and mascara.


2 – then Use a makeup remover for the face adapted to your skin type (milk, micellar, oil, cream, gel ...).


3 – Then it is necessary to clean the skin usinga facial cleanser type gel or cream, to rinse with water afterwards. Brushes cleaning its very useful to purify the epidermis. It is possible to exfoliate her skin before this step if necessary.


4 – Apply a tonic to better sanitize the skin and remove the remaining particles due to the gel cleanser or makeup remover.


5 – Finally, proceed with the routine care of the evening - type night cream, eye treatment and stick for the lips.


The little + : for a clean, non-aggressive and optimal, opt for a gel or cream make-up removing/ cleansing fat.


The stage of dicemake-up is, therefore, a step of the most important to fight against blemishes and pimples.


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