A recipe fast to create your own toothpaste

The bio is increasingly in vogue, and if it has already reached our plates, it is now needed in a variety of settings. The natural methods to take care of his body and his spirit are certainly in the trend. And our teeth can also take advantage of this mode : forget about your toothpastes, and industrial chemicals and move closer to the recipes home-made and 100% natural.

The advantages of toothpastes natural

The toothpaste is a, if not the product that we use every day. Sold in a large area, it is important to remember that its composition is often discussed by medical studies. The fluorine is the essential element of this dough, and WHO has often been criticized. It would be dangerous indeed to our balance of oral conditions. In addition, other chemicals that make up our toothpastes, and these components can be aggressive for the teeth but also for the organization : for example, as dyes or titanium dioxide can be dangerous for the teeth. But they is possible, thanks to formulas completely organic, to reproduce the effects promised by the big brands of toothpastes.

In addition, the economic advantage of this solution is not negligible. Whiten, keep the breath fresh or even to disinfect your mouth became possible thanks to our new recipe.

The famous recipe for toothpaste :

The followers of the natural often share tips and other recipes. Among these recipes, one stands out by its simplicity and its low cost : a recipe to the white clay superfine. This product has strengths remineralization and will be able to act gentle on your gums. The baking soda will fight against the discoloration of your teeth and the essential oil will help disinfect your mouth in depth.

Prefer the peppermint because it is considered a natural antiseptic.

The toothpaste a home-made will, therefore, be created in less than a minute, and it will not include chemicals.

  1. Put two tablespoons of white clay in a bowl.
  2. Add a teaspoon of baking
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil and two tablespoons of water
  4. Mix everything with a wooden spoon

There is nothing more effective and fast. Do not change anything but your techniques of brushing usual. Apply this paste on your toothbrush and do the same movement than usual. Rinse with clear water and clean

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