I want a serum suited to my skin AND my budget !

The serum is an extra step to add to your daily routine, but some of us want a routine simplified or skip this step for budgetary reasons. But the serums are powerful facial treatments, ultra concentrated, a small quantity is sufficient to make the skin all the benefits contained in the bottle. The good news is that there is one for every budget !

Small award between 20 and 30 euros

- The famous serum undo buttons-me in Free for young skin, 1 to 2 drops of product are enough to nourish your skin and eliminate pimples, imperfections, and micro-cysts. In effectively reducing the excess of sebum, it purifies the skin while moisturizing, to find a clear skin and soft.

- Lifting serum, anti marks Akane, it smoothes and restores shine and energy to the complexion. Its anti-aging effect prevents old age marks, fills in fine lines and deflates under-eye circles and bags under the eyes.

- Serum self tanner Vita liberata : The anti-aging serum Vita Liberata gives you a healthy glow that complements your beauty routine for anti-aging. In addition to your cream, it smoothes the skin and brings a tan-natural and progressive over uses.

- Serum and V10 plus : The serums are developed to be water-based, without mineral oils and are tested by dermatologists. They do not contain neither paraben, nor colors or fragances artificial. They apply morning and evening to the tune of 3 drops and the protocol can be completed by a cream day/ night.

Average award between 40 and 60 euros

- The regenerating serum the rice to the Sultana of Saba : You want the skin smooth and hydrated ? The regenerating serum the rice for the fragrance of Lotus and Neroli, The Sultane de Saba is the miracle cure for you !

- The serum perfecteur de teint - Radiance - Ren Skincare : Serum Collector of skin tone of REN, is formulated from a potent blend which helps to maintain the energy cycle of the skin and reduces the signs of aging. It offers an intense hydration and stimulates the energy of your skin for a radiant complexion.

- The repair serum face SoapWalla : serum soapwalla regenerates the cells of the epidermis. It softens and refines the skin by giving it back all its elasticity. The redness and wrinkles are diminished for a younger skin and full of life

Great scholarship to more than 70 euros

- Serum Gold Orchid : The anti-aging Serum Exertier contains a blend of moisturizing agents and an active powerful antioxidant. It allows your skin to stay firm, young, and revitalized. This formula is ultra-concentrated to help correct the signs of aging.

- Serum lift firming Keep Young and Beautiful Ren Skincare : a special care has been created to tone and smooth your face thanks to its formula multi-action, which deeply moisturizes your skin hasthe end to give you a complexion fresh and radiant.

- The Elixir anti-age in gold of The Sultana of Saba : The elixir anti-age La Sultane de Saba, the Cedar and Patchouli will give it all the glow that your skin needs. Composed of argan oil, extract of caviar, vitamins, and particles of 23 carat gold.

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