Black soap, rassoul, our secrets on the scrubs of the east.

The oriental women are known to have hair smooth and brilliant shine and their skin smooth, soft and complexion, tanned, gorgeous. And all this beauty they have many products that they use. Products for the vast majority natural and full of ingredients that cool the skin and and is generally found in these countries.

But, while that are really worth these products ? And why are they so miraculous for our beauty ?


Even in the East the routine for a soft skin starts with smooth away the dead skins to remove them and make them intensely on our skin.

The more in the Eastern countries is that women use gloves for fear that help to remove almost all of the dead skin compared to when I use a scrub by hand.

In its scrubs, the eastern woman does not forget to add moisturizers such as olive oil or shea oil.

In order to clean his skin, it uses two natural ingredients to the benefits of exfoliation are confirmed, it is the black soap and rassoul.

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The black soap.


The black soap comes from a mixture of oil and olives black. Used since time immemorial in the East, it is now part of the traditions.

Rich in vitamin E, it repairs and regenerates the skin while eliminating impurities and dead skin gently. It does not attack the skin yet remains one of the best allies against the dead skin. Use the scrub for a soft skin, moisturized and soothed.


The rasul.

The rasul is a clay mineral found in Morocco. It is usually found in powder form and when mixed with water, one obtains a paste, which absorbs the impurities to rid our body. By using it with a glove of horsehair, it is possible to use the rasul as a scrub, because it has properties smoothing and moisturizes the skin.

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