The step of applying the serum to the skin

The serum provides additional benefits to your cream, this product is a more concentrated in assets ; this is why a few drops only suffises to the face. Hydrating serum, anti-aging serum or serum-regenerating, there is a whole range to meet the needs of all skin types.

For a serum penetrates perfectly into your skin, it is first necessary to clean it. To do this, use your cleanser as usual, best suited to your type of skin. Rinse and gently wipe your face by dabbing with a cloth to avoid harming your skin.

When to use the serum ?

Care highly concentrated in actives, the face serum is used on a daily basis in addition to your creams usual day and night. It can also be applied in an ad hoc manner to address a vitamin deficiency in a case of tired skin or injured.

How to apply the serum ?

The serums are often sold in the form of a pump bottle or pipette to take a few drops each use, as their texture is smooth and light. An insignificant dose of serum is more than enough because it is a product highly concentrated serum is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is advisable to collect this small amount in the palm of the hand.

For the serum in the pipette, squeeze the pipette once immersed in the product to fill it. Then empty the contents of the pipette in the palm of your hand. warm very slightly the material and make of the movements of pressure draining. The care applies key, without pressing too hard, or crease the skin.

Serums, apply to the tips of your fingers and not cotton that would be too absorbing. Start by sorting the material on the main areas of your face such as the forehead, cheeks and chin, and then rub the serum in small pats, focusing on the specific areas to be treated. This is a step that takes time but that will make a real radiance to the skin.

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