How to erase my skin effectively without attacking ?

Femme se nettoyant la peau

Exfoliation is a key step in the beauty of the face. This simple gesture allows you to revive the radiance of your face. But attention, this gesture can also damage our skin if it is not done correctly.

There are two types of scrubs :

Scrubs mechanical :

They are composed of an agent creamy or gel texture and are complemented by grains (merry crushed, salt, seeds, sugar, etc.) In contact with the skin and small circular motions, these scrubs lost and Polish the skin.

This scrub is suitable for normal or combination skin.

The peeling chemical or enzymatic :

They are scrubs without grain, but the composition acid, which act as "solvents" on the dead cells.

These scrubs, less aggressive, are more suitable for skin prone to acne, or sensitive skin.

The peeling is also a scrub, but much more aggressive. We do not recommend it for sensitive skin.

Careful not to rub his skin too often. One to two times per month maximum for sensitive skin. Once per week maximum for a skin more oily and too much exposed to external aggressions.

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