How to get teeth beautiful and shiny

To further our research and give you the best tips we've come across a dentist specializing in whitening dental is an expert on this topic. He told us that his idea came to him out of pure chance.

My tips for having teeth radiating

In fact, it all started with this sentence " this is a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit, but if she had white teeth, his face would be illuminated "

It was then that the table next to it, the discussion continued on the best solutions to have your teeth beautiful and bright, through gels white gels blue, powders, trays, lights or even uv. It was exactly such a discussion on a brushing simple.

It is true that in a certain milieu, treatments and other remedies to enhance and correct the color of teeth that have become irrelevant. In addition, our time imposes a oral hygiene impeccable. New chemical means or natural have emerged to beautify your smile.

Misconceptions about having white teeth still have a bright future.

There are whitening products as kits or powder or even treatment options which are available in pharmacies, on sites or in large surface area that promise a radiant smile. However, it must be vigilant not to confuse the sessions to improve the hue of the teeth at home or in institute with the correction of the dyschromia, directly to the dentist. Nothing is similar between these two different actions, either at the price level of the methods or products used.

In addition, the opinions of experts and consumers diverge. In fact, some do not see the danger or feel satisfied with these techniques. At the same time, some say that the whitening use teeth early, or even that it breaks down theemail of the teeth. Others speak of pain or other problems...

So if you're in search of a dazzling smile, you ask to on what method you turn... By mistrust, a great number of people will be heading home recipes that will make their teeth brighter. The French researchers give a large number of tips for you to get teeth that will shine with beauty. We note, for example baking soda or sodium or peroxide of hydrogen and charcoal, which will enable us to regain white teeth in a natural way and economic.

Certainly, these products do work but their effectiveness is not the same as that of specialty products.

How to brighten her smile ?

If you want to beautify the hue of a dentition, which is yellowed and colorful, you will have to prefer the use of products whose effectiveness has been proven.

Treatment medical to the dentist, you can have your teeth bleached in a fast manner. On the other hand, this technique is only possible on natural teeth and your budget should be adapted (between 400 and 1000 euros). A large number of people dream of a smile worthy of the stars of cinema, thanks to products like the varnish applied with a brush or the use of toothpastes peroxide.

It is necessary to be vigilant on these recipes, since they offer efficiency and durability, which remain on

A product that has literally revolutionized the world of smile " : after having tested each product on the market, this dentist said she quickly realized that, in general, these products had disappointed. The kits purchased have often had a rate of peroxide which was above the regulated rate.

But the search for the famous kit ideal has touched to its end when the latter fell on a product that was not reached by the false advertising. The kit proves to be affordable and the results are easily visible after the first few days.

Smile Carbon begins to be popular in more countries and this kit is also and primarily available in France.

Other possible solutions

Prevention is the optimal strategy to ensure that your teeth stay white. The best course would be to avoid substances that dull the teeth and prefer to consume foods that are known for their properties assainissantes.

Fruits and foods rich in vitamin C such as strawberries or dairy products protect your teeth, and a good chewing remains the insurance of a white smile.

Finally, if you prefer to try a natural alternative to whitening kits classic, it would be well to prefer the activated charcoal is known for its properties which are those of absorbing and polished. This black powder is applied to the teeth directly, with a toothbrush.

However, it is not recommended to use too frequently this powder, as this could damage the enamel of your teeth.

Femme qui sourit Alexis Ren

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