Mascara or false lashes, what to choose?

The mascara is the makeup product the most sold in the world. Indispensable for brunettes or blondes, he knows, all by itself, sublimate your look in just a few seconds.

A mascara may be lengthening, curling or volumizing. Indeed, there are multitudes. So the challenge is to find a mascara suited to your lashes, which is not an easy thing.

The false eyelashes seem to be the solution : their form and their length can vary, but there are many disadvantages to wearing false lashes. Although these are ultra sexy, ultra feminine, and they are always the effect of false eyelashes, worn on the daily life could well have a negative impact on our eye health. The next non-practice of wearing false lashes could also be identified. We may, therefore, prefer mascaras which are more practical and who have both volumizing effects equal to false lashes.

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Why prefer the mascara to the false lashes?

The mascara is more convenient and gives a more natural effect as false lashes. Indeed, if we choose a mascara that is appropriate to our eyelashes and the color of our eyes, the effect will be much more natural than with false lashes. Thanks to the products Revitalash, your lashes can grow in a record time and mascara recourbants or volumizing will be able to give you a look of doe.

What mascara to choose?

As for the hair brushes, it is important to choose mascara according to the nature of his eyelashes. But it is sometimes difficult to find among all the offers

If your lashes are bit fleshed out : opt for a mascara volumizing and lengthening which will give the illusion of eyelashes longer provided.

We recommend the Cheater Mascara from the brand The Balm. He'll give you lashes nourished and strengthened thanks to its formulation, the panthenol and its brush volumizing.

If your lashes are short : opt for a mascara-lengthening. Products of the brand Revitalash will also be able to save you thanks to their virtues reconstructrices.

If your lashes are long or even very long : choose a mascara bending that opens up and highlights the eyes. Mascara What's your Type ? The Body Builder will restore the volume to your eyelashes to give you a curve worthy of a star.

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