The best type of makeup for a beautiful skin

The diemakeup is a step in essential skin care. Makeup is makeup, and the gesture is very important ! Done properly with a suitable product, it is already the start of the routine care of their skin, explanations :

Remove makeup it is removing the makeup that suffocates the skin throughout the day, but also eliminate the impurities accumulated throughout the day : sebum, pollution. Choose the method that best matches your routine care, makeup and your skin type.

Zoom on the make-up removal oil :

The dicemake-up oil is one of the methods of demake-up the most ancient. Use a body fat dissolves immediately the make-up, then just rinse or sponge with the towel.

How does it work ? Very simple, you pour a few drops of oil into the palm of the hand, heat it up for a few moments before massaging all areas of the face to dissolve the makeup. Attention, all the pigments are distributed on the face. Then just rinse the oil or wipe with a damp cloth (preferably reusable). Perform a clean top-up if necessary.

Cons-indications : The cleansing oil is perfect for all skin types if you are adjusting the oil used. A vegetable oil should be used for skin with imperfections, because the mineral oils clog the pores. For combination to oily skin prefer an oil rebalances as jojoba or hazelnut. For mature skin, we will build on Argan oil, regenerative and anti-aging. Attention to sensitive eyes, the oils tend to leave a veil of fat on the eyes and on the mucous membrane.

The dicemake-up oil is very suitable for dry skin since it does not dry out and leaves a greasy film that makes the skin comfortable. It is also the most effective method against a makeup loaded type evening : sequins, color black, waterproof.

Zoom on the make-up removal water-micelle :

Water micellar is the product everyone is talking about ! Make-up artists, models and dermatologists recommend it. Water micellar is a cleanser and makeup remover composed of micelles, small particles of surfactants. The surfactants may play different roles, but in the products are "cleaning" these are often detergents. In other words, the water micellar is a cleaner, not just a "water" as one could believe. This is illustrated well by shaking our bottle of water micellar : it foams ! It contains surfactants mild enough not to irritate the skin but help remove the makeup and dirt. The concentration of detergent is low, but it is necessary to thoroughly rinse their skin after, to avoid the risk of drying out. It is composed d'a fat body that traps the makeup instead of spreading, so it is a complete care.

Water micellar have the particularity of being very soft and does not attack the skin. Formulated soap-free and often without fragrance, they help maintain the skin's pH balanced and are therefore tolerated by all skins even the most sensitive or those who do not support the water.

How does it work ? It soaks a cotton of water, micellar, and it cleans the face until the cotton is perfectly clean. Always rinse with the help of a lotion or a spray of thermal water. It is for all skin types.

Contra-indications : water micellar is recommended for problem skin or acne, but it can highlight irritating in the long run because of the micelles, and the friction of the cotton. In addition, it is a little green. To use from time to time and for a make-up is rather lightweight, or only on the eyes to remove the Waterproof mascara.

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