YES! the scrub is a good solution to have a radiant complexion even when skin is sensitive. LANAÏKA you explain which scrub to choose.

How often carry scrubs ?

If you have skin that feels tight constantly, and areas that are very dry continuously, is it a good idea to carry scrubs ?
The answer is YES, but in an adapted way, and sparingly

Once a week, twice maximum ! Rub the skin especially your face like crazy. Make small circular movements gently. Once a week it is very good ! But above all smooth. Do not push too hard, don't press too hard with your fingers. Then rinse with clear water, and gently wipe your face, as if it was a baby's skin.

Which scrub to choose ?

It emphasizes the exfoliating creams, sweet or scrubs with very fine grain. You can also exfoliate her skin without a scrub containing grains, using for example brushes or sponges faces.

Erase my skin without product exfoliating

Using, for example, cleaning supplies like the brush, Tosowoong , which with its million hairs, micro fibers, will remove the pores clogged by pollution, make-up, or the stress. It cleanses the skin gently, and can be used with a mild soap or a cleansing oil.

Or even sponges The Konjac Sponge Company , these natural sponges a gentle cleanse the skin effectively without attacking. Basically, the Konjac is an alga of japan, recognized to be very low in calories, and can be eaten in abundance. But its cosmetic use is also shown, since these sponges that swell in contact with water, exfoliate gently, and are adapted to all skin types, even those suffering from psoriasis
Its exfoliating action is gentle and suitable for all skin types, even those with eczema or psoriasis.

So you have all the keys to have a sensitive skin at the TOP !

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