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What are the best exfoliating products to use when one is pregnant ?

During pregnancy, the exfoliation of the face and body gives the pregnant woman a feeling of comfort and well-being indispensable. These care are therefore essential and it must take a great care in the way you choose

Why do a scrub when pregnant ?

For your face or your body, the scrub is the best way to skin new ! Pregnant, it is completely allowed and is strongly recommended. It allows you to effectively eliminate dead skin cells and impurities to make your skin smooth and toned. The scrub is also a way to make your skin more elastic and penetration of the creams that we apply in a second time will be easier.

It also helps the renewal of cells and improves significantly the oxygenation of the skin.

Your skin will be sorely tested in the course of a few months needs to be protected and the scrub helps in keeping your skin. You will have understood, the care exfoliating is the vital part of your pregnancy !

What scrubs to choose during pregnancy ?

There are many scrubs for the face or for the body, with micrograins more or less large that will fit your face and your body. As well, they brushed loose impuretés and dead skin cells from your face while tightening the pores. Your skin appears more fresh and more sweet, and its texture is refined.

For the body, scrubs offer you a free skin of its rough and its impurities.

Refreshing, they leave a skin feeling baby.

Then to take care of your skin, make scrubs regular !

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