Secure payment

QEIPLUS protects you when you do your shopping.

Make your shopping peace of mind : Thanks to PayPal and Sogenactif, QEIPLUS protects you at the time of payment. Your banking information are safe and secure for buy more safely.

The PayPal buyer Protection

You get free PayPal buyer Protection on small sites as on major retail websites in France as well as abroad. If you do not receive your order, you can receive coverage PayPal and you refund the entire amount, shipping included.

How to do it ?

You can notify us that you have not received your parcel within 45 days of the transaction. Go to your Manager disputes and open a dispute for item not received. If you can't find common ground with the seller, you can turn this dispute to a claim.

Attention : you have 20 days after opening your dispute into a claim. Beyond this period, it will be automatically closed and we are no longer able to intervene. If the merchant is not able to provide us with documents that we ask for, you will be fully refunded.
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In order to provide you with a security of payment the most reliable as possible, we have chosen to outsource its transactions on the website of the Company General.

The Purchase Protection Sogenactif

With the service SOGENACTIF (STE GENERALE), when you opt for online payment, you are automatically redirected to a secure page by the Société Générale (SSL encryption). The information you enter on this page (the number and the expiration date of your credit card) are known only from Company computers-General, who will ensure that your bank card is valid (no opposition, no error numbers...). Thus, the information provided are not known to the staff of or any other internet user.

Paiement SSL sécuriséWhen you are on the point of entering your credit card numbers, a small padlock is displayed at the bottom of your browser. It tells you that you are in a secure area and that all information that you enter will be encrypted.

Every day on the Internet, it exchanges several billions of francs, paid by credit card without the slightest problem !

In QEIPLUS, we do everything we can to earn your trust.

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