White teeth are the reflection of a dental hygiene without flaw.


A day to drink too much coffee or smoking more than a pack of cigarette can be followed by yellowed teeth and it makes your face more dull when you smile.

You have to find the beads to remedy it. Solutions that are affordable and effective.


Put in order the ideas on whitening dental


White teeth and well-aligned are an asset charm ! It attracts, shows that one takes care of us and prolongs the youth of our smile. With white teeth, it will impact all the people that you will meet.

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  • The teeth whitening done at the dentist is unfortunately very expensive and recommended for teeth which are severely damaged. The professionals use a dental therapy laser or lamp here is what explains the fairly high price.
  • This is why there are now a variety of products to use at home. This is achieved by the pens whiteners, powders or kits whitening. They can be found online as well as in the major surfaces for some brands, such as Colgate Visible White or Crest 3D White.
  • To compete with the prices charged by dentists, are now found in large cities, institutes or specialized fairs.
  • Finally, one can alternatively opt for the natural ingredients that we use in our everyday consumption. These ingredients allow us to get teeth free of stains and whiter. It is sufficient to brush the teeth with lemon, baking soda or charcoal for example.


This article is here to help you sort through the multitudes of deals to be found.


The tooth whitening, how it works ?


First of all, you should know that there are 2 families in terms of lightening of the teeth. Whether using toothpastes lambda or methods, professional you will find on the market-only 2 ways to do it.


The bleaching depth and surface area :

These techniques act on the natural color of your teeth and can make you earn up to 8 shades about.

It is possible to accomplish in a professional but also at home, the only thing that will change will be the price that you must pay. There is even talk of a gap in the level of prices.

Most of the treatments use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen but the sophistication of use of these products vary depending on the care you choose.

The real difference will be present when you will combine these ingredients with a light whitening. It is possible for you and you will cost a lot less than if you use a treatment to lamp laser beam to the dentist.

The efficiency of this process is due to the fact that the laser beam raises the temperature of the teeth by about 8 °C and using the active agent to penetrate your teeth for a better result. However, if you are the victim of tooth sensitivity, this method is unfortunately not for you.


Another technique is to first take the impression of your teeth with a mold in which a paste has been prepared. Then, this impression will be sent to the dentist to make a splint specially designed to fit perfectly your teeth. Then you will need to wear your splint all day for about 2 weeks for a duration of 20 minutes per day.


The use of strips for whitening is a technique that is still effective but less recommended for people who are suffering from sore gums as this can, in rare cases, worse.


The whitening surface of the teeth

It exists in the market, toothpastes special for teeth whitening. But in reality, they remove just the surface stains that you find on your teeth. The effect of these toothpastes will not last because only the superficial layer of the teeth is treated. The polishing agent is going to act and allow your teeth to be more smooth, it is like when you use salt hand on the surface of your teeth. However, toothpastes have a major advantage ! Their prices challenge all competition.


We prefer you report that each person will have a technical which will suit him better, a person may know very positive results with the simple use of a toothpaste, while for another it will be necessary to a complete treatment of the dentist.


The price of a dental whitening


As we said just before, the most effective treatment does not rhyme, not always with very expensive price and big budget.

And yes, the care used in the professionals are not the only ones to be able to provide a good care for the teeth are stained or yellowed. The only difference lies in the fact that the dentist, the concentration of agents is of maximum 6%, while that in the products available in the market is a maximum of 0.1%.


If you want an order of price :

  • For whitening in the dentist, expect to spend between 400 and sometimes more than 1000 euros
  • If you realized in a special center, you'll have to spend between 60 and 300 euros
  • Devices to use at home are generally between 20 and 100 euros

The specialists agree on the fact that the use of a product containing a very high rate of oxygenated water. In fact, if this is the case, the treatment will be very abrasive. This can be bad for the teeth as this may damage the enamel of the teeth. And worse yet, if these substances act in depth, there can be complications like gum irritation.


Dental hygiene affects our health, therefore it is necessary to take great care and choose the techniques best suited.

Our kit, dental whitening preferred

Most of the kits found on the market are pretty disappointing. The gutters are too large, they come out completely of our mouth, or we see no change, even after multiple uses. And sometimes, it is even worse ! Some kits causes pain at the level of the gums.

But it was the kit that will stop your suffering, the kit bleaching dental SMILE Carbon.

The results are quick, the gutter is just the right size and the usage is very original.

After you place the product inside the pens on your teeth, without touching your gums, you just need to place the tray in your mouth, on your teeth, then connect your gutter to your phone, this works on iPhone or android.
Then just wait for 16 minutes. Yes but, you don't even have to worry about 16 minutes. A timer in the camera will stop only the light 16 minutes after you press the start button.
Finally you have to rinse the teeth with the water and after a few uses you notice real results.

What qualities must have the different products ?


When we want to acquire a device that whitens our teeth, it is especially necessary to be careful to use products that are secure and have good comfort of use. By using any product, it is possible that it works well, but can also cause significant health problems.

Choose products or brushes/pens do not provide too much product, otherwise you will swallow, and this is often not recommend. A good kit lasts approximately 4 months.


Precautions to take before and after care whitening


For best results, there are a few rules to follow before and after a treatment of whitening.


First of all, 3 weeks before you start the care it takes

  • Use a desensitizing toothpaste for about 2 times per day. The most would be that it contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. This will help to decrease the sensitivity of your teeth. Tooth sensitivity is a short sharp pain, it often feels like when you eat something too cold or too hot
  • Then it is necessary to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health
  • Finally, something that we like to do is to regularly take images of our teeth in order to follow the evolution.


How long does a tooth whitening ?


It all depends on the care you use. In effect, treatments done at home can be done in about 2 weeks if not less for some. And usually, it takes between 10 and 30 minutes of application time. These treatments are repeated about 2 times per week.

However, when you use the powder, the application time is shorter, it lasts the time of a brushing, and it is to be realized every day.

And for toothpaste, their time of application is the same as the powders, but sometimes you need to use it several months to see effective results.


For treatments carried out by professional, dentists or in specialized centers, the time that you spend in their company is between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


Our conclusion on the dental products teeth whitening


Thanks to the products we talked about in this article you will find the shades of your teeth when you were a child. However, it is important to understand that for this to hard the longer it need a special maintenance. The basics of this interview remains a healthy diet and good dental hygiene.

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