The right moves for a successful exfoliation.

The exfoliation of the skin is a gesture of beauty in absolutely realize to have a skin soft, radiant and well hydrated. It is therefore essential to perform at least one by week, to get rid of our pretty faces of all the impurities that it absorbs.

However, it is necessary to know how to choose a scrub according to your skin type, small or large fear, and it is especially necessary to pay attention to the actions you are doing during the scrub because by doing gestures too strong unfortunately, it is sometimes possible damage to our skin than good.

So we're going to see now the right things to achieve its peeling and have skin clear and soft.

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Choose a scrub suited to your skin type.


The first thing essential for a scrub succeeded it is the right choice of body scrub. It is to be chosen according to your skin type. In fact for sensitive skin it is best not to choose a scrub with fear very fine to exfoliate without harming the skin.


Moistened his face.


The first step to successful peeling is without a doubt to begin with moisten your face. A scrub on dry skin agressera more easily the skin, making it sensitive and red. By moistening his face, the scrub will be softer but will not be less effective.

Apply scrub in a circular motion.


Always in order not to aggress and damage our skin, it is preferable to carry out the peeling of the face by hand or with brushes quite soft. They put in the closet all that is glove of horsehair.

In order to remove more impurities and dead skin the best gesture is to make small circular movements. By making circular movements on mass at the same time that the exfoliate the skin to remove a maximum of dead skin.

It insists especially on the cheeks and t-zone. avoid the eye contour that is too sensitive.


Do not press too hard.


The problem with scrubs is that it has a tendency to press too hard for fear that if we don't do this, you don exfoliates not our face. EXCEPT that it's all fake !! Pressing too hard it tends to strip rather than erasing them. Results ? Our skin becomes more sensitive and red.

To note :

A scrub successful is directly followed by a good hydration of the face.

A scrub too often your face will only attack and make it more fragile than it was before.

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