How to fight against dilated pores and points blacks?

Who has not already had the nose grainy and unpleasant sensation to the touch of the skin? If you too are struggling with excess sebum, and try to say goodbye to blackheads, this article is for you !

The black dots, that is what it is?

A little reminder glamorous : the black dots are comedones, which develop on the epidermis. It is a form of acne that results from the obstruction of the pores, thus accelerating their appearance. In contact with air, these points are oxidized and becomes black. These clusters of sebum fills the pores, which will expand their tower.

Despite the fact that they are often associated with can fat and young, the black spots can also appear on dry skins ; Finished-the-minute elegance, let's get to serious things...

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We have solutions for you !

The solutions to counter the blackheads and dilated pores

For a start, a good hygiene of life is essential. It is necessary to learn to know your skin type in order to choose suitable products. For example, if your skin is oily, you will need to take care sanitizers or matissants. On the contrary, if your skin has a dry tendency, direct you towards products that are ultra moisturizing.

The face scrub - ceremony of 7 spices - of the Sultana de Saba is a very effective product on the black dots. its formula will smooth out the skin and give it a sleek effect.

Some cleaners are exfoliants such as the Rosa Centifolia of the brand REN SKINCARE. In fact, the microbeads of Jojoba wax are ideal to exfoliate the dead cells of your skin and get rid of impurities accumulated on your face. Hydration, therefore, which will bring a purity to the skin.

Pssst... We have selected a few products that you will find below...

So what are you waiting for cleansing your skin? Try and you will see, you will thank us.

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