What a beauty mask for its skin and how often to do it ?

There are now a multitude of beauty mask for the face. In tissue, applied by brush, gel... And each skin type has its problems ; anti blemish, moisturizing mask ...

A part of our beauty routine, it is a necessary moment for a beautiful skin.

But is it better to use a fabric mask for oily skin ?

It gives you the tips to choose your mask according to your needs and well achieve it.

Femme masque visage concombre

The masks for my skin oily.

Oily skin is due in part to an excess of sebum. The skin has a shiny appearance and an oily which love the buttons.

In masks for oily skin, it is necessary to look for those who hydrateront your skin but will also the excess sebum produced by your skin. The ingredient that becomes your ally... The CLAY ! It helps to absorb the sebum and purifies your skin. They are in tissues or cream there is no worries you can use any kind of mask.

The masks for my skin dry.


The problem of dry skin is that they are dehydrated. To hydrate, your best allies will be the oils, argan, olive, coconut... These ingredients will soothe your skin while moisturizing it in depth.

The masks have a texture quite creamy that penetrate your skin in depth are preferred.


Masks for a skin more radiant.


A night not quite relaxing, a little too much stress ? And this is that your skin also looks tired and lack luster.

To find more radiant skin and we must nourish it. Our allies are the vitamins. They will know how to nourish our skin and as we know, eating more vitamins, one is less tired and well it's the same for our skin.


How many times does he make a mask of beauty on her face ?

The masks are usually much more powerful than the creams of day. This is why it is essential to do, but not every day. It is recommended to do once or twice a week.

Les masques coups de cœur

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