What kind of makeup remover for my skin ?

The step of removing make-up is crucial, as we pass through the stage of makeup or not. Whatever happens, the skin needs to be purged of the impurities accumulated during the day : perspiration, pollution, make-up. There are many practices to remove makeup, this is for the more pressed, more meticulous, or more clumsy. The important thing is not to be skipped this step if you want to keep skin clear and youthful for many more years.

The make-up removal :

The dicemake-up is to remove all particles of make-up present on the skin at the end of the day, this process is necessary for cell renewal, the skin should get rid of the dirt to regenerate and admit the care that is posed by it. The cleansing requires an aqueous phase (water) and a fat phase, which takes off the dirt. The dicemake-up thus removed the makeup, but it cleans not necessarily the skin. Hence the possibility of double cleaning, especially when you wear a UV-filter.

The different makeup removers :

The cleansing milk :

The milk has a texture slightly thick, but very soft and creamy, it is very pleasant to use. As its name indicates, the milk has a fat phase and an aqueous phase, it cleans so very well the make-up for the day, and leaves skin soft. It is recommended for sensitive, delicate and problem skin because it has clogged little pores.
To use it, you can drop a small amount on a cotton pad and gently rub the face, if you want a softer version, take a dollop and massage it into the face focusing on the eyes, then rinse. For those who want an eco-friendly alternative, there are cottons that are washable in machine.

Water micellar (or biphasic):

Thewater micellar is a cleaner composed of micelles, small particles of surfactants. It contains surfactants mild enough not to irritate the skin but can remove makeup and dirt. The concentration of detergent is low, but it is necessary to thoroughly rinse their skin after, to avoid the risk of drying out, what much of the world ignores. The two phases can be distinguished in the bottle when the bottle has not been shaken, there's a fat phase and an aqueous phase which contains the soap, the oil counteracts the effect of detergent soap. Water micellar is very full, it takes off the makeup and cleans. It is intended for combination skin to oily, less sensitive, require a special cleaning. Water-micellar can be used on a cotton, it purifies and refreshes skin immediately. The balm make-up remover : The balm make-up remover is a make-up remover creamy and very thick which are present in the pot. It is sufficient to take with your fingers to spread it out and massage it on the face and rinse when in contact with water it transforms in texture, milky, very pleasant and very smooth, which gets rid of the dirt. Its composition is rich in oil leaves a finish nourishing on the skin. This solution is highly recommended for dry, mature or to remove the make-up of the evening very intense. Indeed, choose the balm if you like to massage your skin to activate the circulation of blood. Attention, the balm and not recommended for problem skin since it clogs highly the pores, it must pass through a cleansing gel after.

Oil cleansing :

Oil cleansing is the cleansing the most effective, that you use a vegetable oil with organic and natural oil artificial, it dissolves the makeup completely. Take one or two pressures in the palm of your hand, and massage the face very gently on the eye and avoiding the root of the hair. Oil cleansing is recommended for all skin types ! Yes, there are many oils, adpatées to all types of skins. The oil of Jojoba or hazelnut, for example, balances oily skin, while oils of Argan or evening Primrose suitable for dry skins which have the tendency to tirailler after the cleaning. therefore, there is no need to switch to a cream on the face after. Some technologies enable the oil will emulsify and turn into a milk on contact with water.

The gel cleanser :

The cleansing gel is present in a vial and is used in contact with water, it contains a small amount of fat to clean in addition to cleansing. This method is recommended for those who will make up little or not at all, because the cleaning is light.

The wipe microfiber :

A real revolution in the make-up removal, wipe, microfibre outcome of the same technology to clean the dust off the material with its fibers agripantes. The wipe has two phases complementary, one that takes off the field, the other who grab the make-up and retains it by performing a mild exfoliation. The wipe should be moistened and then rubbed against the front face to be cleaned by hand or by machine. It is therefore very eco-friendly ! Attention to alternate this method with other because it can become irritating if used too frequently.

The makeup remover wipes :

Easy Solution if you come home late for you, or you are camping, the makeup remover wipes are tissue disposable soaked in makeup remover to use occasionally. This method is a troubleshooting solution only because little green and quite aggressive. They remain the most practical to take everywhere with you. It is for all skin types.

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