Is it important to erase the lips ? What type of exfoliator is the best suited ?

Why to exfoliate the lips ?

The exfoliation of the lips has become a common practice to optimize the holding of the lipstick.
This is particularly the ravages of the red lip liquids and matte on the market of the cosmetic. The first function of an exfoliator for the lips is the same as the one for the body, that is to say, remove dead skin to promote the penetration of moisturizing products.
Most makeup artists advise you strongly to exfoliate and moisturize her lips, using a balmbefore applying any type of lipstick.

Many brands have developed their own scrubs.
The simple exfoliating lip scrub is edible or even in the scrub-colored, this kind of product is much more accessible and is quickly going into the care routines of the French(e)s.

Gommage lèvres sourire

The different types of scrubs :

It is possible to find in the shops different types of scrubs.

In the first place, is of the scrubs are basic, such as those with shea butter, coconut oil or sweet almond. This kind of products could be content in the form of pots or grape.
In the second place, we find the scrubs edible. There are several flavours like chewing-gum or caramel salted butter.
More recently, major brands have released during exfoliating for lips that have a characteristic enough to be interesting since in addition to remove dead skin cells, they leave a natural and lips colored.

Recipe for a scrub for lips homemade

This is a recipe quite simple and quick to make that requires a few ingredients. Therefore, we need a container in which we add the honey and powdered sugar. The two components must be mixed until obtaining a homogeneous paste. For even, morehydration, it is possible to substitute the honey for olive oil or coconut.

For even more quick and simple, just take a toothbrush, run it under warm water and rub the lips.

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