What diet to a teeth in great shape

Our teeth allow us to cut, chop, and free tastes that will appeal to our palates as well as our well-being.

In order to maintain a good oral health and that we can still test the joys of gourmet food, we must give our teeth a proper diet and relatively balanced. A good diet is therefore the only condition to get teeth free from cavities and not to destroy his enamel or yellowing of his teeth.

There are a lot of menus to take care of his teeth

Good news for foodies : there are no foods that are truly forbidden !

The secret to keeping your teeth healthy is found primarily in the association between the substances that one chooses to cook our meals, our eating habits and our dental hygiene. We therefore need to think to eat everything, in reasonable quantities, and by paying attention to the time at which you eat.

Attention to the snacking ! This is a very bad habit to get into : small cravings that lead us to eat foods that are easy to swallow, which are not cooked and contain a lot of sugar.

At the same time, the production of saliva is no longer so important, what will bring more cavities because the removal of any residues is slower than in a normal period of lunch.

A non-exhaustive list of foods corrosive to the teeth

The freedom to eat, however with some limitations.

In the viewfinder of the dentists and of all the anxious mothers for their children : the sugar ! However, the prohibition of sweets is to discuss. In fact, all sugars are not harmful to our teeth but the problem comes from the bacteria that remain between our canine teeth and our molars.

What is the riskiest sugars, equivalent to sucrose. We will thus prefer to consume sugar during the meal for other foods to compensate for the acidity of the glucose and thus activate our defenses, salivary. However, it is not necessary to remove any trace of glucose in their diet since it is present in three quarters of the food that we eat.

In addition, it is advisable to avoid foods that adhere to a lot of, which is infiltrating into the space inter-dental and on the enamel of the teeth. Ls candy are therefore to be avoided, but also the crisps or cakes that stick to the teeth. Also, avoid the appetizers unpacked in speed that contain a lot of starch.

To quench your thirst, you should watch what you drink and never drink sodas before bedtime.

The foods that save us

Lipids have excellent anti-bacterial non-negligible : they remain a bulwark against the acids.

A snack of seeds is therefore a good choice to protect the teeth from erosion. Fans of cheese will find this an advantage since, thanks to the fat that it contains, the health of the teeth is protected. Other dairy products can also be considered to be foods, anti-caries.

And if you crave sugar, dark chocolate that is composed of 70% of cocoa contains ingredients that are beneficial for the teeth as well as fluoride. We can also provide you with a toothpaste 100% home made.

The mineral water, fish, or cereal you can also have beautiful teeth and mineralize your enamel

Finally, the chewing of a chewing gum without sugar for 20 minutes after a meal may be a good alternative to avoid the bacteria.

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