Choose exfoliating products for mature skin

Marked by the years, the mature skin is frequently less smooth and less flexible.
Despite this, there is now thanks to science and medical advances, many solutions for healthier skin and repopulated. Zoom in on the beauty routines for mature skin.

Femme perruque fond rose

Treat the problem early

First of all, in the ideal, it would be necessary to deal effectively with its skins from its 20 years : A good challengemake-up, a good hydration in the morning and in the evening, and the specific treatments are more than necessary ( eye contour, lips, scrubs, regular...)

We advise in general to prevent skin ageing from 25 years in beginning to use anti-age treatments.

And after ?

Around 30 years old, it will be necessary to really begin to treat her skin with care more appropriate and "rich" . It is at this age that the collagen content in your skin will begin to deplete, leading to a less good skin elasticity ( and yes, the famous " chicken neck ") and a skin aging important, especially if you're too exposed to the sun, cigarette smoke, or even pollution.

How to clean, scrub, or exfoliate his skin mature ?

First of all, there's no need to skimp on the diemake-up, and choose cleansers that are gentle to the skin. EXIT the water micellar, we focus instead on a oil or milk.

Then, it is necessary to continue the scrubs, but how ? We said Bye-Bye to scrubs to coarse-grained.
About once a week, a scrub, lightweight for the face, suitable to your skin type.

Attention, a scrub should not tirailler ! If your skin feels tight, then your routine is not suitable and you have to change scrub. We choose a mild scrub and without grains !

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