What is the serum to choose for my skin type ?

We hear a bit everywhere at the moment thanks to the mythical Unicorn Essence of Fasali, the serum became the ally base to take care of their skin. More concentrated in active ingredients than a cream, it will restore shine and moisture to your skin in record time.
Its texture is very fluid, a bit like oil, is very light and penetrates the skin easily.
However, even if it looks like a oil, the serum leaves no finished fat on the skin as it penetrates in depth, so it can be used both on dry skin as oily skin.

The serum is ideal for dry skin.


The problem of dry skin is that it is a dire lack of hydration. With a texture resembling that of an oil, serums are very useful to provide all the hydration that the skin more dry need. And all that without leaving a greasy film unpleasant on the face. Associate with a hydrating cream your skin will regain all the hydration it needs and say goodbye to jostling.

Prefer serums that contain moisturizing ingredients such as shea oil, Aloe Vera, coconut oil...

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The serum is perfect to fight blemishes and signs of aging.


For the people living in the middle of the city, the signs of aging and other stains are pointing the tip of their nose very early on because of pollution and stress. However, we dream of all a young skin and a complexion standardized all of our lives. That is why several brands are involved in the formulation of serums that fight specially these two major problems faced by all women.

Young skin naturally contains more vitamins and hydration that the skin more old. This is why it's important to choose a serum that contains a lot of vitamins and nourishing ingredients.

People with oily skin can also use serums.


Their light texture and leaves no oily film on the skin enables people with oily skin to use them as serums. Their formula penetrates the skin without ever clogging the pores which do not create excess not sebum, and even helps in its regulation.


For the best results.


Use the serum in addition to your moisturizer. The association of these two products will cause the effect you're looking for more quickly.

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