The anti-aging serum

The serum is a specific care because it is very concentrated, its small size delivers a small amount of product enriched in active ingredients powerful to address the problems of skin in depth. While young skin may prefer a moisturizing, mattifying or anti-blemishes, mature skin in need of treatment more versatile, and more competent to eliminate the signs of aging.

The anti-aging serum, what is it ?

True elixirs of youth, serums are the last few years, considered as our best allies. Light, fresh, non-greasy, this care is hyper focused use on their own or in addition to a cream moisturiser, for an immediate effect. They act in depth to smooth, plump, hydrate and strengthen mature skin.

A care multi-function

Moisturizing, smoothing, firming and stain-resistant, anti-wrinkle... Unlike creams, which usually target only a single problem, the serums have several qualities. Their smooth texture is interesting, since, thanks to its speed of penetration into the tissue, it soaks up directly to the cells.

From 30 years of age, the complexion loses its uniformity. This is the first sign of aging skin. As the skin is still fairly young, we focus on a radiance serum that comes to act in a comprehensive manner, dealing with both the components, pigment and vascular skin.

After 30 years, the complexion grows dull more easily, the body generally regenerates less quickly. Thus, there is just a little bit of fatigue for that metabolism cell slows down and the complexion loses its radiance. Fortunately, care specialists cell renewal are there to help us cope, thanks to assets, which smooth the grain and bring brightness to the complexion.

After 40 years, the metabolism of the fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and elastin dwindles. Wrinkles begin to mark the face and the skin loses its tonicity. This is the time to stimulate him with a serum com- posed of vitamin A, Retinol and Retinaldehyde.

A routine that starts early

To delay the onset of the first signs of skin aging, we start by moisturize the skin and protect it properly from external aggressions, as soon as 25 years. From 18-20 years of age, the tissues begin to have a very little relaxation. Thus, in order to preserve its youth capital, it is advisable to protect and moisturize your skin with a serum-antioxidant specifically designed for young skin. And because UVA rays cause premature skin aging, it is well to apply all days, a sun protection factor 30 minimum, the sun is responsible for 80% of premature aging of the skin.

Serums anti-wrinkle properties help delay the appearance of these wrinkles. They slow down the skin aging process, but may not in any case to eliminate wrinkles that are already installed.


The serum should respond to the specific problems of your skin : sagging, brown spots, fine lines, dehydration, etc, The effects are adapted to the situation : lifting, éclaicirssant, anti-tasks, plumping.
For a mature skin dehydrated, we will focus instead on hyaluronic acid, a sagging skin and loss of volume ? Collagen. Attention, the serum applies even in the neck and the neckline, and don't forget to adapt the formula used for the contour of the eyes.

The serum apply gently with the fingertips all over the face before the day cream or night, we perform a circular motion before finally tapping the product so that it penetrates better the skin.

The + : It is possible to switch its night serum with a few drops of vegetable oil anti-age as theprecious oil of argan.

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