The coal plant, the natural way to whiten teeth


Among all the options found on the market to whiten the teeth, it is normal to be a little lost. That is why, we propose you an article on one of the new trends in terms of tooth whitening, the coal plant. After trying different methods I am looking for the one that works best.


Among the techniques for teeth whitening are the whitening that you can do to the dentist so that the whitening kits at home. But the trend is to the natural ingredients, they use for several years, is back in force as very good products anti tasks on the teeth.

The main natural ingredients that are known to the whitening of natural teeth are baking soda, lemon juice, or the coal plant.


The coal plant, it is the product in vogue at the moment. It is very known to most young people and this thanks to the many tests proposed by each other.


The question that arises is is it really effective ? Is it safe for our teeth ?


We're going to watch if it is a real natural alternative to the products of dental whitenings that we already know or it is only an effect of fashion in terms of beauty.

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The charcoal for teeth what is it ?


The charcoal for the teeth you may already have heard of under the appellations of "activated charcoal" or " activated charcoal ". The principles of the charcoal are activated by a double carbonization.

Carried out at temperatures very, very warm (between 600 and 900°C) the first carbonization is carried out in total absence of air and organic materials such as bark, wood (willow, linden) or shells (peanut or coconut)

The second carbonization is carried out at the same temperature as the first, but during it there is the presence of air, of water vapor as well as gas oxidants.


It is thanks to these two carbonisations that we obtain a black powder. This powder has a property major that we are looking for :

  • It is very absorbent, it absorbs the toxins, microorganisms, and waste that are present at the surface of our teeth.


The active coal is very little used as teeth whitening in France. It is especially known as a very good product against the problems of digestion. What is not known is that today it is found virtually everywhere, in cosmetics, in the hospitals, it treats even poisoning or overdose of drugs.

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What are the properties of the coal for our teeth ?


At the level of the beauty, the active charcoal is known as a very good tooth whitening. This can be explained by :

  • As sodium bicarbonate, coal polished the surface of our teeth. So he has this abrasive effect that helps in teeth whitening. It is its mechanical action.
  • It also has a chemical action, that is to say, it absorbs the particles that are responsible for the tasks and the yellowing of our teeth.

In addition to these properties, unsuspected to find a teeth white, the coal plant will also have the fresh breath. It will get rid of the bacteria in our mouth.


How to use charcoal to whiten your teeth ?


The coal plant is not a substitute for brushing "normal" but it complements it. It uses a little bit like a toothpaste classic, it is to be applied on a tooth brush wet.

To avoid put them anywhere, the powdered coal is very volatile, you may dip the toothbrush directly into the jar of charcoal powder.


Because of its black color, the charcoal powder may stain our clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to use it well above the sink and use a toothbrush dedicated to its use.

At the end of brushing it is recommended to rinse the mouth not to have the black on the teeth.


The effectiveness of charcoal on the teeth is it proven ?


If we are to believe everything we hear on the social networks (instagram, youtube...) the powder would have worked well ! Even if for some, the results are not to the height of a whitening with a professional, for such a good price and a product that is 100% natural powder is definitely worth the time.


The coal is it safe for our teeth and our health ?


As always it was the people 100% of the product and one that is wary of everything that is new. But then who should we really believe in this case ?


The dental professionals, admit it, the coal plant poses no danger to our body. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it is not toxic. But it is good to know that a use that is too intense can participate in an abrasion of the enamel. This is why it is preferable to use it in the form of cure, about 10-12 days maximum, or once a week over a longer period of time.

However, it is not recommended to ingest a large dose, in pill form, for example, if you are taking other medicines, if you take the contraceptive pill, because it is possible that it decreases their efficiency, so it's best to wait several hours after their ingestion before using the coal plant. Finally it is possible that it exacerbates the problems of intestinal obstruction.


For any other problem, if you are pregnant, you are breast-feeding... it is better to seek the advice of your doctor before using charcoal.


Where to find the charcoal ?


The coal plant lies a little all over the place now. On the internet, this is where you will find the largest selection of products (powder, capsules, etc.) but you can also find them in some supermarkets or even in pharmacies.

At the corners of streets you can now get a hold of them.


What price does it cost to charcoal for teeth ?


Vegetable carbon in powder form is very cheap compared to whitening kits and all the other techniques to have whiter teeth.

Depending on the brands you can find coal in the form of capsules as soon 7,50€ 100 capsules.

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