Find its exfoliating relative to its type of skin

Exfoliate his skin is good, but still need to know how to do it. Find a treatment adapted according to the type of your skin, to cleanse your skin without damaging it.

Dry skin :

Choose scrubs without grain or very fine-grained. Attention ! it is necessary to banish the masks "Peel Off" that are far too aggressive.
Choose the masks for hydration, and even to wash your face, instead an oil or a soft gel.

Normal skin or mixed :

Use a scrub with grains ( salts, scrub, scrub to the kernels...) to free your skin of its dead cells. You can make scrubs regularly, between 2 and 3 times a month, to cleanse your skin.

Oily skin :

For oily skin, there is nothing better than the Rasul, green clay, black soap, or mud from the dead sea !
Unlike sensitive skin, you can also use scrubs with large grains.

Unlike the body, our face is exposed to the sun, the cold, and the daily assaults. It is thus necessary to take great care !

Each care exfoliating of the face should be followed by application of a cream or moisturizing oil face to say good-bye to comedones, blackheads, micro-cysts, and other imperfections of the everyday !

Appointment here to find your scrub is ideal.

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