Cream anti-imperfections

Cream anti-imperfections

Acne, blackheads and buttons are our enemies in the daily. Pollution, stress, and hormonal fluctuations even go so far as to encourage the appearance of imperfection. But to have a beautiful skin, smooth and without imperfection remains possible.

First of all, it is necessary to take care of their skin and that requires the highest hygiene standards in the morning and evening. You are therefore advised not to make the impasse on the step challengemakeup followed by a mild non-soap cleanser to avoid harming the epidermis. We finished off with a lightweight pschitt thermal water, and an astringent to tighten pores. Don't forget to moisturize your face with a light cream because even combination and oily skins need hydration ! It is also important to remember to exfoliate your skin one to two times per week in order to désincruster your pores and eliminate the dead cells.

Second step : pay attention to your diet. We therefore give preference to foods reduced in fats and sugars, which tend to increase the risk for pores that are clogged. We love so foods that are rich in zinc, phosphorus, and iron, such as vegetables, seafood, fish and wholegrain cereals.

Then, you are going to ask for something almost impossible : stop fiddling with your buttons. Instead, use a product that will dry out your button. If you insist on really touch your pimples, make sure you wash your hands and use a tissue to cover your fingers. Then, use a disinfectant on the area.

Finally, we advise you to choose the treatment suitable for your skin type. Exit care and oil-based hello products, specific combination to oily skin !

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