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Hyaline block - block alum Pierre - Féret perfumer


Known for centuries for its many virtues, the hyaline block or stone of alum Féret perfumer is used as deodorant (it neutralizes odor and perspiration) and as a cicatrising and Acne (shaving, waxing, burns...) odourless and 100% natural.


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The Block Hyaline, Block Stone Alum of the brand Feret Parfumeur helps you to purify your skin with the alum, potassium Premium, 100 % natural. This product is not fixed on the skin and is rapidly eliminated at the time of the shower, or with the phenomenon of sweating. Its many virtues are no longer to be demonstrated.

GenreWoman, Man
Féret Parfumeur
Since 1900, Feret parfumeur always brings so much authenticity to its products of the highest quality and the respect of your skin. Our favorite : Their packaging vintage and hand gel Hyalomiel Feret Parfumeur, this is the promise of products in traditional and authentic high quality. True story of family for 150 years, Feret...
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