Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

Quite misunderstood there are still a few years, dry shampoo has made a high-profile arrival a few years ago, particularly thanks to brands such as Batiste. Today, it occupies the front of the stage, in the bathrooms, supermarkets, perfumeries and drugstores. And yet, the dry shampoo is not any young since it is being marketed for the first time in 1971 by the brand Klorane. Today, you can find shampoos dry perfect for every kind of hair.

The freshness and volume in no time thanks to your dry shampoo

Composed of rice powder, corn starch or oats, the dry shampoo canabsorb the oil that grease the hair roots. Hyper practical, it allows you to give a kick of cool to your hair when you don't have the time to make you a shampoo. Or space out your shampoos while keeping your hair clean. But also to bring the volume to fine hair and dishes thanks to the material that it deposits on the roots and adds texture.

If he does not wash the hair per se, the use of the dry shampoo allows you to give a kick of cool to your hair after a workout, to space out the shampoos, to refresh your fringe. The dry shampoo also helps to mitigate the irritation if your scalp is irritated. You can use it to bring texture to your hair if you just wash them and that you want to achieve a chignon or a pretty hairstyle. Finally, you can use the dry shampoo to add volume to your hair if they are thin or flat.

A few tips on how to use his dry shampoo

To apply your dry shampoo in the rules of the art, it is very simple. Follow the different steps. In a first time, shake your tube of shampoo sec. Then, spray on the hair roots, about 30 cm. Lift the hair strands to apply the product everywhere. Gently massage the hair to spread the product. Let it rest for a few seconds for your hair to gain volume. Then, style your hair as you usually do.

The errors not to do when you use your dry shampoo

However, the dry shampoo is a troubleshooting solution that can not replace the shampoo traditional. In fact, if it absorbs the oil and gives a kick of cool to your hair, the dry shampoo does not eliminate the sebum. In addition, if you use it too often, the dry shampoo to be aggressive for the scalp. To use it more as an solution of troubleshooting that as a usual beauty.

Another mistake to avoid is to spray it on your dry shampoo too close to the hair root. In effect, you must spray your dry shampoo in is placed approximately 30 cm from hair roots, to avoid having white marks unsightly. They are difficult to remove and the result will not be very aesthetic. If your hair is brown or coloured in a dark shade, you can even opt for shampoos dry dyed to avoid any trace.

Thought of you wash the head after using a shampoo sec. indeed, if you do not, your scalp will be choked and this will give rise to itching and the appearance of dandruff unsightly. If you don't have time to wash your hair, it is at least imperative of the brush to remove excess product.

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