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Smoke Balm Vol.2 - Palette eyeshadow - The Balm


Smoke Balm Volume 2It is THE palette to do a makeup smoky and glow, perfect and easily achievable. 

3 blushes a eyelids essential and more satin finish that those of the Palette Smoke balm Volume 1: Dark a green / shiny black, a glossy brown and a satin gold, the ideal trio for a gradient succeeded in few steps.
We love retro side sound, its format practice with the integrated mirror and colors that are super well! The Balm to also create the Smoke Balm Volume 1 palette, which is also available on localhost
Operating tips: Apply the black eyeshadow on the entire width of the eyelid, then Brown from right to left. Then fade with light beige blush. Use whenever possible for black and beige blush brush brushes and a brush beveled to apply eyeliner close to the eyelashes Brown shade. Use a perfecting complexion first base for a better grip.

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The palette Smoke Balm contains 3 makeup has eyeshadow essential : a black-gloss ("ignite"), a brown glossy ("Beaming") and a satin gold ("Sooty".) This is the trio ideal for a gradient succeeded in a few steps !

We like the next retro of the palette and its handy format with the built-in mirror and colors that hold very well !

The Balm has also created the palette Smoke Balm Volume 1.
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The Balm
The Balm is a make-up brand created in 2004 in San Francisco. The goal of the brand is to propose products packaging retro and convenient to slip it in his bag and bring it everywhere with you : perfect for city pressed. With impeccable quality and all the bloggers who are snapping up their products, The Balm will soon become a must for all...
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