Face moisturizer

Face moisturizer

It is vital to have a good skincare range for the face daily. This is why it is important to adopt a routine treatment for the face that matches your skin type and the products that you want to see in your bathroom ! The day cream will protect you against external attacks. In the evening, the routine face care is the most important. It starts with a good challengemake-up of the skin and eyes. Depending on your skin type, you can use milk, an oil, or a wipe. Then, it is advisable to finish with a gel or soap so as to remove all the remaining impurities and then moisturize his skin with a cream with more fat than day to repair your skin during the night.


Masks and scrubs are clearly more in your beauty routine ! They are not to do every day, but they are important to regulate your sebum, remove impurities, or erase the black dots. LANAÏKA offers a multitude of products that will delight you, no matter your skin type ! But above all don't forget, the everyday cleaning of your skin is a beauty routine to adopt.

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