Eye Peeling Scrub-delicate contour of the eyes - Talika Expand


Eye Peeling Scrub - delicate contour of the eyes - TALIKA


The eye peeling from TALIKA is the first body scrub delicate for the eye contour. It stimulates cell renewal , decongesting and soothing the eye contour.

Application tips : Apply thin layer to under eye area, and rub gently from the inside to the outside.

The + product : it gently removes impurities for a look bursting !

Capacity : 10ml

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As we know, the eye contour is a very sensitive area to daily assaults by the smoothness of your skin at this point.
TALIKA has developed the Eye-Peeling, a scrub is very soft, which purifies and rebalances the PH of your skin.
It allows you to illuminate the gaze, from the first application.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, this scrub reduces the appearance of lines and tasks, without ever aggress your skin.

With 60 years of expertise, Talika has established itself as THE brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes. Repigment, stimulate the shoot , curl, lengthen your eyelashes... everything is possible thanks to their range of care whose effectiveness and tolerance are recognized in the world. Coup de coeur : The...
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