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Foundation covering 24 - Coverproof Fair Wunder2


This foundation covering 24 hours offers a 3-in-1 for a held long-term which you can't do without. It will not only improve your complexion, but also the health of your skin thanks to its Vitamin content.

Who is it for ? Skins clear.

Council of use : Warm in the palm of the hand, and then apply using a sponge or a brush for a display uniform.

The + product : Action 3-in-1 product.

Capacity : 30 ml

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36,00 €

The foundation, covering 24 hours of Wunder2 is an innovative product by its combination of three formulas to best meet your needs. For a complexion without defects, and a sensation of sweetness, do not hesitate any more.

Its content of vitamins is an advantage because in addition to being a foundation for long-term, it also heals your epidermis. A make-up that you ensures the comfort and quality.

It offers a cosy finish and held up to 24 hours without cleansing. Finished a dull complexion, find burst and natural.

HOW TO: COVERPROOF Foundation with Matin Maulawizada from WUNDER2 on Vimeo.

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